Sunday Summary (07/29-08/04/2019)

Sunday Summary (07/29-08/04/2019)


Decided to take a couple days off from running & biked in the morning.
I then talked to Eli for the last time while hes serving. It was his last preparation day, and he & his comp went to an adidas outlet. He bought shoes for both me & Austin for $50. It’s a good thing I dont have an adidas outlet near me here or else my bank account would be in trouble!!!

I got the kids later in the afternoon & we went to Cherry Hill for a couple of hours.

I had a obgyn appointment to switch up the BC & get my IUD out. Thank the heavens above that devil is out of me. Paragard gets a solid 1/10. The 1 is only because it did its job…. the missing 9 is for all the other fun side effects.
That evening was The Bachelor season finale part one. I hate how obsessed I have gotten with this show. I wont lie, I teared up a couple of times. LOVE CAN BE SO HEARTBREAKING, YA KNOW?


Started the day off with biking again. I really wanted to run, but felt that taking 3 days off would be beneficial to help with my fatigue & some knee pain that I’ve been feeling. I am scared to peak before the marathon & show up on race day “overcooked” & injured. So the plan is to take some extra cross training days here & there when my body needs it!

I then “played mom” by cleaning up the house, taking Davis to tennis practice & then taking the kids to the park.

The park was actually one of the coolest parks I’ve been to, featuring a zipline & lots of spinny things:)

That evening we visited Austin’s grandparents, & then I watched the bachelor season finale. What a show. Team Tyler.


Had the kids in the morning, & they just wanted to chill all day which I was perfectly fine with.

Later that afternoon I went over to my parents to help make some signs for Eli. My “cute poster handwriting” has really gone downhill through the years hahaha.


Had a solid workout in the morning, but my knee is killing me. It started with some discomfort last week, and it turned into PAIN during this run. I was going to have Austin pick me up, but because I was feeling good & I knew he was still sleeping, I just finished the run. This was probably a bad idea😬

We then headed to the airport to PICK UP ELI!!!! His flight landed at 9:47, but it took F O R E V E R for him to actually get off the plane because the plane was in a “traffic jam” or somethin.
I was the designated “video person” & I pulled a Pam from season 9 episode 12 of the Office & didn’t capture a single second when I thought I was recording everything. Lol.

We went to Costa Vida for lunch on the way home & then showed Eli a couple of the changes around Kaysville, then just chilled for the afternoon & evening.


Same old daily routine. In the late afternoon, Austin started to learn how to make t-shirts from my dad. My mom & I ran some errands so I could pick up ingredients to make sweet pork salads on Sunday. We went to Winco, they have a bulk foods section that is the second best I’ve seen (first place spot goes to Sprouts, due to the fact that they have bulk cinnamon almonds). They had these peanut butter balls that were amaaazing.


Started the morning off with an amazing long run. Felt strong & smooth the entire run while maintaining goal marathon pace. Idk if it was the pizza fuel from the night before or listening to NFs new album for the first half… but it was one of those runs that reminds you why you love running.

I then ran some more errands with my mom. We went to Walmart, the DI & Platos closet. At Walmart I finally got these M&Ms to try… while they did indeed have that glorious Nutella flavor, almond M&Ms are still my fav. M&Ms are always my go-to when a chocolate craving hits.

Ended the night with helping Austin with more shirts that he had been slaving away on all day😂 The shirt making process is not an easy one to say in the least.


Started the morning off with my Sunday Come Follow Me lesson from Dont Miss This tradition. Instead of walking, I biked. I haven’t biked on a road bike for almost a year so it was fun to break my beach cruiser back out!

During church, Austin & I taught our new Sunday School class for the first time. I couldn’t be more excited to teach our class of 13-14 year olds!!!

We then spent the rest of the afternoon hanging with family, napping & getting ready for the next week!
Before bed, my in-laws gave the family some gifts they got from their 10 day European river cruise. I got this beautiful bracelet & a mug to add to my mug obsession collection.

Austin got this shirt.

My in-laws thought it was just a regular Adidas shirt😂😂😂 I think Austin likes this one even better than an Adidas shirt though.

What to Eat When You’re Craving Chocolate

What to Eat When You’re Craving Chocolate

I have a sweet tooth.

I’ve had a sweet tooth my entire life, even during those couple years when I swore I “didn’t like sugar” in order to not have to face my fear foods.

For the longest time, I cursed my sweet tooth & treated my cravings like they were something to be conquered. After learning all kinds of various “harmful effects” that sugar has on the body & mind, I felt like I couldn’t trust my own body’s messages if those messages were telling me to eat ~SuGar~. The times that I did listen to my cravings, I was filled with guilt, reassuring that I couldn’t trust my own body’s messages.

In order to quiet the cravings & the guilt, I would often attempt to put off my cravings. The internet gave me all kinds of “tips” to do so:

If you’re hungry, drink a cup of water.

If you want chocolate, you actually are craving vitamins, so eat a small amount of unsalted almonds instead.

Instead of eating the food you are craving, make a ‘healthified’ version of it.

So, when I really felt like eating some M&Ms, I’d instead drink a glass of water. A single minute after drinking water & I would still find myself thinking about those M&Ms, so I’d go for some almonds. While eating the almonds, dreaming they were M&Ms, I’d feel desperate to stop this sweet tooth craving. I’d then grab a piece of 70%+ dark chocolate, thinking “well… this is the ‘healthiest’ version of chocolate“. At that point, feeling guilty for eating the piece of chocolate, I’d continue to eat more of the chocolate. Feeling completely unsatisfied, and still craving the dang M&Ms I was craving in the first place… I’d ‘cave’ and eventually just eat the M&Ms, feeling like I was a failure.

Once I finally decided to just trust my body & to just let myself eat, I found exactly what to eat when my sweet tooth came around, begging me to eat some chocolate:


Yes, eating CAN be that simple.

Now, when I find myself wanting some M&Ms, I have some. I enjoy them. I move on. I don’t ‘eat a circle’ around the food I actually want, meaning, eating more food than I actually even would’ve if I would’ve just eaten what I desired in the first place!

I’m on the same team as my sweet tooth now, & because of this, I’ve only found peace.

Sunday Summary 07/22-28/19

Sunday Summary 07/22-28/19

I’ve been slacking a bit for the past couple weeks when it comes to life documentation & just writing in general.

I’ve kinda just been in a funk. I was definitely on a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions, specifically anger & sadness. I think this was mainly due to me switching up the B.C. Not to make excuses or anything, but when I’m angry & depressed, I don’t particularly want to share with the world.

Since I got out of the habit of taking pictures, I don’t have hardly any which is a shame ’cause I could’ve taken some good ones with things that went on this week!! So apologies to my future self.


Pretty much identical days; nannied in the morning & afternoon, hung out with family in the evening, ended the night with The Office.


Had major FOMO seeing almost every runner I know participating in one of the Deseret News races. That’s definitely going to be a race I add onto my calendar for next year!! Fun fact: that was my first official 10k of my running career. I ran it in the summer of 2014 before starting my senior year. I ran it in 39:34, which is still my 10k PR. So next year, I’d love to either run the 10k & set my new PR, or run the half & mayyyybe possibly get my sub 90 half marathon. We’ll see how the rest of my marathon training goes this season!

I did a much needed deep clean in my car. Wanna know how needed? I had a salsa spill from a burrito on my dashboard from FOUR MONTHS AGO. So I cleaned that as well as vacuuming & wiping down every last inch of my car as well as sorting through the random crap in my trunk. After finishing, I felt like I had a brand new car. I even added scrunchies on my PRNDL stick (any 90s kids know the Sweet Life of Zac & Cody reference??) for that VSCO girl aesthetic.

Sadly, we didn’t do anything to celebrate pioneer day except go to Wendys…. if you can call that a celebration lol.


That morning I woke up & was lacking all motivation to run on the same old roads I’ve been running on for months, so I decided a trail run was the better option, even though my training plan was supposed to be a fartlek.

Just me on the trail, no music, was just what I needed to remind myself of why I adore this whole running thing.

Didn’t have the kids to nanny during the day, so instead I headed to the mall to go to Bath & Body Works to get their car “scentportables” (can you tell how obsessed with my car I became after I cleaned it up?😂). They are soooo much longer lasting than the typical car trees & smell amazing. Right now my car smells like watermelon lemonade & it’s so summery & it’s delicious.


I babysat a cute & exceptionally busy 2 year old for a couple hours & then spent the rest of the day doing something unmemorable (because I really can’t remember what else I did on Friday lol).


Had a real tough, real rainy long run. I had originally signed up to run the Timpanogos Half Marathon, buuuut I signed up sometime in January without thinking about how my schedule would be affected & many other races I had lined up in the months of June-July. Because my in-laws left out of the country for 10 days on Tuesday, Austin & I have been the “fill-in-parents” of the household. Leaving Friday-Saturday wouldn’t be an ideal way to head the household. Luckily Runtastic Events is amazing & they let you transfer your registration for any of their other events. I decided to defer my registration for the Thankful13 that takes place on Thanksgiving. I ran it last year, and even though I hit the wall HARD, I still really enjoyed the race. I also spent like $40 on pumpkin pie leggings for the race last year sooo I gotta get my money’s worth out of them & race again in them this year!!

Back to the run: I felt beat down from the beginning. My stomach felt a little bit off & my legs were tired (which was probably due to the fact that I started lifting again this week after a two month hiatus & MAN did my legs remind me of that break). I had a 15 mile run with 13 miles at marathon effort. Once I got to 13 miles I was DEAD. Definitely not how I’d like to feel at the halfway point of the marathon. I still need to work out the kinks of my fueling to find what works best with my stomach, & I’m hoping my legs readjust to strength training.

The rest of the morning was spent in the bathroom because of feeling so nauseated after finishing. TMI, but literally every time I started to feel better I’d stand up & walk out just to run right back in.

Thankfully I felt back to 100% after taking a two hour nap. Austin & I headed to one of his buddies wedding reception at This is the Place Park (which was a super pretty location), but we first stopped by Hires in Salt Lake. Their turkey bacon sandwhich always hits the spot for me.


Started the sabbath off with one of my new favorite traditions, going on a walk and listening to Dont Miss This Come Follow Me for the upcoming week.

After church we went over to my families house for a bit to visit, then we came home & I made one chicken parmesan. It was one of the better meals I’ve made in my life, if I do say so myself. The recipe is here.

Now I’ve just been typing this up while Austin, Davis & Cooper are pokemon hunting. What a world we live in.

This weeks going to be pretty cool cause ELI COMES HOME. Crazy how fast two years flies by. Can’t wait to see him in person again:)